9nt Vietnam island beach break from £563pp: Deluxe 4* spa resort – incl. flights & breakfast

October and November is rainy season in Southeast Asia which can scare away some tourists. But it takes more than a bit of rain to scare us pirates and those brave enough to risk it can be rewarded with unbelievable value as holiday prices in deluxe hotels can plummet.
For example, a 9-night break at this 4* Nha Trang island resort can be yours from as little as £563 per person, based on 2 sharing. The same holiday just 1 month earlier would cost you at least £230 more per person!

Booking Info
Timeframe: 1. Oct. 2017 – 30. Nov. 2017

Other dates:

Holiday details:

Travel duration: 9 nights
Example date: 1 – 10 October, 2017 (this equates to 9 nights)
Departure from London to Nha Trang
4* island hotel (rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor)
Luggage included
Board basis – bed & breakfast
ATOL protected package
Based on 2 adults

Price breakdown for 2 adults sharing:
About your stay
Staying in central Vietnam, in the heart of coastal Nha Trang, the Champa Island Resort & Spa is a deluxe 4* accommodation option, located just a 5-minute drive from the beach and a short walk to cafes, shops, restaurants and many other major activities. The hotel has a large outdoor pool and spa, plus numerous restaurants and bars on the resort complex. Free parking and Wi-Fi is also available for all guests.
While the feel of the hotel lobby and grounds are distinctly traditional, bedrooms in the hotel are modern and spacious, with air-conditioning, plus all modern conveniences and some even have pool or river views.
Getting there
You could, for example, get a shuttle bus and taxi from the airport which will cost you approximately £5-£7 per person, each way and take just under 1 hour. Alternatively, you could book your transfers in advance using holidaytaxis and enjoy hassle-free airport pickup and drop off.
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Walk Your Way to More Travel Memories With This Free App

Whether you’re in your home city or traveling abroad, there’s a neat app that can help you plan a walking adventure.
Sidekix is a free navigation app that guides you to highly-rated attractions, like restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and more.  But it’s NOT just another app that directs you from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time.
Instead, Sidekix offers customizable routes.  For example, between your hotel and a museum, you can select a walking route to pass by the most popular restaurants or stores.
Foodies Can Use the Sidekix App to Navigate Along a Route With the Most Popular Restaurants
I’ll share my review of the Sidekix app.

Sidekix App Review
Link:   Sidekix
Link:   Sidekix App (Android)
Link:   Sidekix App (iOS)
Cities are full of hidden gems you might not find if you plan ahead using TripAdvisor.  And as Million Mile Secrets team member Joseph recently shared, sometimes walking is the best way to explore a destination.
The Sidekix app can come in handy for folks who like to have adventures on foot.  As of now, the app has information for 100+ locations around the world, including many US cities.
Here are highlights and a guide to using the app!
1.   Explore Nearby Dining, Shopping, and Attractions
Sidekix recognizes your location when you open the app.  Then, you can click on an icon along the scrolling menu of options on the bottom to find points of interest like:


Keep in mind, the app isn’t only useful in your current location.  You can search other cities if you’re planning ahead for a future trip.
You Can Filter Points of Interest by Category to View What’s Nearby
And you don’t have to stop at one broad category.  For example, within dining, there are subcategories, including:

Fast food
Speciality food

Click a Subcategory If You’d Like to Search for a Specific Type of Dining Place
After you click a category or subcategory, the map will update with all of the relevant locations.
2.   View Location Specifics and Read Reviews
After you select a category or subcategory, you’ll see the specific names of the businesses on the bottom of the screen.
For example, I selected coffee shops and the names and distance to the location appears.
View the Business Name and Distance After Selecting a Category
You can view even more details of the businesses by tapping on the name.  You’ll see information like hours of operation, street address, and a link to their website.  And you can also read reviews, which appear to come from Foursquare.
Tap on the Name of a Certain Dining Establishment to Get More Details and Read Reviews
3.   Create a Personalized Walking Route
One of the unique features of the Sidekix app is navigating to a destination along a customizable route.
For example, team member Keith was recently in Seattle.  He tested out on the app on a visit to the Space Needle.
So he first clicked on the search icon to enter his destination.
You Can Search Specific Points of Interest by Clicking the Magnifying Glass Icon
Then, he entered “Space Needle.”
Enter the Name of Your Final Destination
Then, there’s an option at the top of the screen to select a navigation route based on what you want to see along the way.  For example, if you select the “Foodie” route, Sidekix will direct you along the streets with popular coffee shops and restaurants.
You Can Create a Customized Walking Route to Your Destination Instead of Just Walking the Shortest Distance
For Keith this worked out because he passed a terrific coffee shop where he enjoyed a nice breakfast!  And while the route wasn’t the quickest option, it only added an extra minute or two.
Is Sidekix Worth a Try?
Sidekix has some unique features that are helpful for folks exploring cities as pedestrians.  Like the ability to create a personalized walking route to see popular points of interest along the way.
But the app does take some patience.  For example, there are lots of small icons, which are designed to make it easier to filter categories and subcategories.  Yet, as a new user, I found myself tapping the back button to start over because I didn’t know what each symbol represented.
There are other apps like Google Maps and Yelp that show you much of the same information as Sidekix.  But user reviews of the Sidekix say it’s definitely worth a try if you’re exploring a city by foot.  And team member Keith agrees based on his experience using the app in Seattle.
Bottom Line
Sidekix is a free app that shows you neat things to do while walking around a new city.
Open the app and discover nearby dining, nightlife, shopping, attractions, and much more!  Plus, you can view specifics of a business like hours of operation.  And read reviews from folks who’ve visited before you.
Sidekix is unique because you can create a personalized walking route based on your interests.  For example, instead of finding the shortest distance between two points, you can walk on a route that passes by popular dining establishments or museums.
Have you used Sidekix?

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Antarctica: Photos from Earth’s last wilderness

What’s life really like at the end of the earth? Follow photographer Kellie Lafranchi’s memorable journey aboard the expedition ship Polar Pioneer as it cruises to the frozen continent of Antarctica.
Some places leave an indelible mark on your soul. I learned this first-hand when I visited the southernmost continent on earth, Antarctica. It was the final destination on a three-month trip that was in itself over a year in the making.
This long trip had allowed me to photograph and explore many places, meet incredible people and capture their stories along the way. But it was this, my final destination, that I was looking forward to the most. I had never set foot in a polar region and after months of waiting and preparing for the harsh conditions, it felt surreal to think I had almost made it to Ushuaia, Argentina; ‘the end of the earth’ and my gateway to Antarctica.
The post Antarctica: Photos from Earth’s last wilderness appeared first on

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Hotel CEOs Push Back Against Trump on Travel Ban, Brand USA and Cuba

Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch issued an impassioned call for the hospitality industry to rally together to prevent another ‘lost decade’ of travel.
David Shankbone / FlickrSkift Take: Hotel CEOs realize that if tourism to the U.S. drops, it could have a significant adverse impact not only on their own businesses but the industry, and the economy, as a whole. — Deanna TingLoews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch issued an impassioned call for the hospitality industry to rally together to prevent another “lost decade” of travel.
Speaking to an audience of hospitality industry executives at the 39th annual NYU International Hospitality Conference in New York City on June 5, Tisch asked industry leaders to respond to a number of recent initiatives and policies being floated by President Trump including “extreme vetting,” travel bans, and the proposed elimination of Brand USA.
“Ending this 10-year slump required a united industry effort to push for pro-travel policies,” said Tisch, in reference to the more than $600 billion lost in traveler spending and 467,000 jobs lost following the September 11 attacks in 2001. “We learned some valuable lessons that we need to put into action again today.”
No doubt, given the recent terrorist attacks that have taken place in the UK, France and Germany within recent months, there are some parallels between what happened in 2001 and what is taking place right now.
Tisch added that the travel industry generated $246 billion in U.S. exports in 2016, cutting nearly $90 billion off of the country’s trade deficit.
“Travel drives the U.S. economy,” Tisch said. “It’s our job to engage the new leadership in Washington to make sure they understand the role we can play in achieving our shared economic goals. If the Trump administration really wants to cut the trade deficit, they’ll need our help.”
Keeping Brand USA Alive
On the other hand, eliminating Brand USA, the organization tasked with promoting travel to the U.S., would increase the federal deficit by $510 million over the next three years, said Tisch. In its most recent budget proposal, the Trump Administration proposed eliminating Brand USA.
Eliminating Brand USA, Tisch said, “makes no sense on a policy level. It’s completely at odds with the administration’s own economic goals … And by reducing international travel to the U.S., it will also widen America’s trade deficit.”
Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson echoed Tisch’s comments.
“I was chairman [of Brand USA] until May,” Sorenson said. “Brand USA is only 5 or 6 years old. This is the first time the U.S. has a deliberate effort to market us to the rest of the world,” Sorenson said. “It’s funded by foreign travelers’ visa apps (applications). No U.S. government money or tax revenues are going into this. The impact it has had is significant, with returns to the U.S. economy that are many, many times greater.”
Brand USA gets its funding when partners make contributions and the fees paid by international travelers to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization program, which determines the visa eligibility of travelers from visa waiver countries, are used as matching funds.
He added, “It’s frustrating to see people say, ‘Let’s get rid of it.’ There’s a piece of that which is an old conservative philosophy, which is governments shouldn’t be involved in supporting any kind of business effort. But frustrating to us is that international arrivals to the U.S. support 2.5 million jobs. If we lost that international business we would lose 2.5 million jobs.
“We are one of the most significant industries in terms of exports because people come to the U.S. and they leave their money and then go home. The government should be involved with this very modest support of Brand USA because it promotes the economic growth of the United States. We’re crazy not to recognize the power of the economic growth from tourism and travel.”
Tisch said, “If anyone should understand the value of a brand and the need to market it effectively … it should be Donald Trump.”
Supporting Infrastructure Improvements
One area where Tisch saw some opportunity for the industry was with regard to the Trump Administration’s proposed $1 trillion infrastructure investment program.
“We need to make sure improving our aviation infrastructure — our airports, runways and other essentials — is front and center,” Tisch said. “We can help achieve these goals by making the travel industry a major player in the debate over American infrastructure investment.”
He added, “On the campaign trail, President Trump criticized American airports as ‘third world.’ Now that he’s in the White House, we need to work together to give Americans the airports they deserve. This requires desperately needed capital investment in upgraded runways, gates and terminals to alleviate airport gridlock.”
Tisch said the addition of a satellite-based NextGen air traffic control system alone would reduce delays by 41 percent and create $38 billion in savings by 2020.
Turning Back the Clock on Cuba Travel Restrictions
Should the Trump Administration reverse all agreements signed with Cuba since December 17, 2014, which includes legalized travel in certain categories, hotel CEOs expressed concern, but said it was not as “materially” impactful as other potential travel policy changes being proposed.
However, a recent study from Engage Cuba, a D.C.-based nonprofit, estimated that U.S. airlines and cruise lines could potentially lose an estimated $3.5 billion and more than 10,000 jobs through 2021.
Marriott International inherited Starwood’s Cuba hotel agreements when it acquired the company in September, and currently it is operating one property, a Four Points by Sheraton, and planning to open its second soon.
“There’s obviously nothing about Cuba yet,” Sorenson said. “There’s not much clarity about what needs to happen. It would obviously be frustrating to us if they said, ‘You can’t do business in Cuba.’ It’s not ‘material’ to us in a corporate sense but Cuba is a place Americans would like to go.”
Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that “early signs are great” in terms of his company’s business in Cuba but he also noted, “Cuba is an issue but there are much larger issues we are facing as an industry and our coming together and having our voices heard in this administration is vitally important.
“In the last administration, group efforts were bumpy. It took a bunch of effort from folks in this room, and the U.S. Travel Association to get our voices heard. Travel is a very strong economic driver. More and more of our GDP is going to travel. I think that our voices need to get louder and louder in order to protect our customers and protect our industry.”
For Sebastien Bazin, AccorHotels CEO, Cuba is important, but its scope and size doesn’t make it as large a market as other regions where he’s seeing tremendous opportunity for growth and development.
“Cuba is a wonderful destination but let’s not kill ourselves; It doesn’t have the same size or capacity you can find in Asia-Pacific or Africa,” Bazin said. “For Accor, we have three properties [in Cuba], and we may open up another 10. It’s a wonderful destination. Great culture. Great people. But you’re dealing with the same ownership and same people so ti’s tough. It’s a place where you have to spend time in order to get comfortable.”
Likewise, Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt Hotels, said that his company is seeking to have properties there but the market can be challenging.
“We’re in active discussions to find an opportunity or two that we can begin with. It’s not an easy process, but we’re committed to figuring out a way to do that. I don’t think we’re late in any way. The market is just evolving really slowly at this point.”
He added, “The tether to the U.S. is palpably strong and widespread. I agree with how Sebastien characterized it. It has tremendous headline appeal. Especially in the United States it’s got this mythical existence as this thing from yesteryear … but in reality it’s a relatively modest market. It’s a very attractive market. It’s not that one that we want to ignore. My observation is that the market there is 100 percent inbound.”
A Call to Action
Tisch ended his opening remarks by imploring the industry to work with policymakers in Washington, voice their support of improved infrastructure improvements, and support Brand USA.
“For years and years, we fought hard to get a seat at the table,” Tisch said. “Now it’s time to use our position: To protect the gains we’ve made. To seize the opportunities that lie ahead. And to launch travel on its next phase of growth.”

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Get Two Free Hotel Nights Every Year With This $75 Annual Fee Card

As we reported yesterday, Wyndham Rewards is now partnering with Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards to offer status matches and the ability to redeem for free nights at hotels across both programs. This is obviously good news, as it brings members of both programs additional redemption options. It also brings a great new perk to Wyndham Platinum members: two free nights at Atlantis in the Bahamas.
How does this work? Well, thanks to the new partnership, Wyndham Rewards Platinum members can receive an instant status match to Platinum in the Total Rewards program. Total Rewards Platinum includes, among other benefits, a complimentary two-night stay in the Beach Tower at Atlantis, plus access to the resort’s Aquaventure water park. (If you have Wyndham Diamond status, you can match to Total Rewards Diamond and get a four-night Atlantis package gratis — or you could get this through FoundersCard.) Best of all, this complimentary trip is available each year (assuming the program continues to be offered), so you’re not just looking at a one-off freebie. (Note that resort fees of $49.95 per night, taxes and gratuities are not included.)
Wyndham Rewards Platinum status requires staying 15 nights, which may not be reasonable depending on your travel habits and preferred destinations. Luckily, though, there’s a workaround: the Wyndham Rewards Visa Card. The more premium of the two cards in Wyndham’s co-branded lineup, it carries a $75 annual fee and grants you automatic Platinum elite status. So if you hold this card, you’ll be able to match to Total Rewards Platinum and take advantage of the complimentary two-night Atlantis package. Not bad — especially considering that nightly rates at Atlantis are usually well over $100.
Nightly rates at the Atlantic Beach Tower start at $170 in late August.
While the ability to earn complimentary Platinum status and match to Total Rewards to get the free Atlantis trip is a top reason to consider this card, it could also make sense for you if you want to boost your Wyndham Rewards balance. It’s currently offering a sign-up bonus of up to 30,000 points — 15,000 after your first purchase, plus an additional 15,000 after you spend $1,000 within the first 90 days from account opening. If you meet the minimum spending requirement, you’ll have enough points for two free nights, since Wyndham charges a flat rate of 15,000 points for award nights (including upcoming redemptions at Caesars properties throughout the US and Canada). Other card benefits include 5x points on Wyndham stays, 2x points on gas, utility and grocery store purchases and 1x points on everything else. This card has no foreign transaction fees.
Bottom Line
The just-announced partnership is a great addition to the Wyndham Rewards and Total Rewards programs, and it’s made even better by the fact that you don’t need to be a frequent visitor to either program’s hotels to reap the benefits of the status match. Just by holding the Wyndham Rewards Visa, you’ll get Platinum Wyndham status — and by matching to Total Rewards Platinum you’ll be entitled to a free stay in the Bahamas each year (in addition to other perks such as free parking and valet at participating Vegas properties). If you’ve been eyeing a trip to this family-friendly Bahamas resort, this offer is hard to beat.
How will you be leveraging the new partnership between Wyndham and Total Rewards?
Featured image courtesy of Atlantis.

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Wyndham & Caesars Introduce Reciprocal Benefits

As much as I’m not personally loyal to Wyndham Rewards, I have a lot of respect for what they’re trying to do with their program.
In 2015 they made major changes to their program, which should make anyone who likes aspirational redemptions happy. They adjusted their program so that all award nights cost the same number of points, regardless of whether you’re redeeming at their best or worst property. If only they had more aspirational properties.

Then in 2016, Wyndham Rewards added more elite tiers, as well as elite benefits, including when you redeem points. I love what they’re going for with these changes.
Now Wyndham Rewards has just announced their latest program improvement — Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Total Rewards have a new partnership.

Interestingly Starwood and Caesars formed a partnership in 2014, though that was discontinued at the end of last year, so it’s interesting to see how quickly Caesars found a replacement.
This partnership entails both status matching, as well as the ability to combine points.
Platinum and Diamond members with both Wyndham Rewards and Total Rewards will receive the same status in the other program. On top of that, Total Rewards Seven Stars members get Diamond status in the Wyndham Rewards program as well.
You can request a status match at this link. Status matches are valid through December 31 of the year in which they’re requested, but you can request a status match again the following year.

If you’re not familiar with the Wyndham Rewards or Caesars Total Rewards elite benefits, see here:

Wyndham Rewards elite benefits
Caesars Total Rewards elite benefits

While it’s not live yet (it’s supposed to be available later this summer), soon they’ll also introduce reciprocal points earning and redemptions, as well as the ability to transfer points between programs at a 1:1 ratio. Apparently you’ll be limited to transferring 30,000 points per account per year. Furthermore, you’ll be able to redeem the same 15,000 points required for a free night with Wyndham Rewards at Caesars properties, though there will be capacity controls.
Will anyone benefit from this new partnership between Wyndham and Caesars?

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Croatia 5* luxury mini-break 3nts for £237pp – incl. flights, boutique hotel, breakfast & car hire

Arrr mateys! Why settle for anything but the best? We’ve laid eyes on the award-winning, absolutely gorgeous boutique hotel 5* Monte Mulini in Rovinj on the Istrian Riviera, voted the best hotel in Croatia. The hotel is situated right by a pebble beach, boasting a great pool scene with panoramic views of the sea and there is also a lush spa on-site. We opted for 3 nights with breakfast, flights and car hire, however as this is a DIY holiday you can extend or shorten your stay if you please!

Booking Info
Timeframe: 5. Jun. 2017 – 4. Aug. 2017

How to book: You are required to make payments on different booking sites by clicking the GREEN BOOKING BUTTONS above. It is advisable to book your flights first. Keep the windows open at the same time, to keep an eye on any live price updates! Please be aware that changing the dates/airport may result in a price increase. The prices listed are correct as of the time of posting.

Holiday details:
Travel duration: 3 nights (longer or shorter stays possible)
Departures spanning October
Example date: 8th – 11th Oct 2017
Example flights from London to Pula
5* hotel (5/5 TripAdvisor) – Traveller’s Choice Award
Board basis – breakfast included
Based on 2 adults sharing
Not your travel dates? Adjust search according to preference
Price breakdown for 2 adults sharing:
Flights – £94 / 2 = £47 per person
Hotel – £372 / 2 = £186 per person
Car hire – £8 / 2 = £4 per person
Total cost of holiday £474 / 2 = £237 per person
Remember pirates, this trip is flexible and if the dates, airport, size of travel party or duration are no good for you then just go ahead and adjust the searches using the green buttons above.About your stay
The ultra-modern 5* Monte Mulini is considered one of the leading hotels in Croatia, and has bagged a prestigious Travellers’ Choice award. It is set in Zlatni Rt forest park, overlooking Lone Bay’s pebbly beach a mere 15 minutes walk from Rovinj. It boasts a great sea-view pool complex and 2 restaurants. You’ll be sleeping in a contemporary bedroom featuring antique-style furniture, a generous balcony and a fluffy robe.
We have based this trip on flights to Pula airport, where you will pick up a rental car for your drive to Rovinj, which takes about 40 minutes. Remember pirates, this trip is flexible and if the dates, airport or duration are no good for you then just go ahead and amend the search according to preference. Why not extend your stay, or book ahead for next year already? DIY makes it all possible.
Istria is a region in Croatia recognised worldwide as a top-foodie destination, and Rovinj with its cobbled streets is one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic Coast. Don’t forget to sample the local wine and olive oil!

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Frequent Flyers Can Get Free Flights on Private Jets With This Deal!

Ever dreamed of flying on a private jet?  If so, this deal could be for you!
Via Reddit, if you have elite status with a major airline, or 1+ million frequent flyer miles or credit card points, you can get a free 3-month private jet membership from JetSmarter.
With JetSmarter, you can book seats on private jets between cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, and more.  Including popular spots in Europe like London, Paris, and Geneva!
Million Mile Secrets Team Member Keith Recently Used JetSmarter to Book a Last Minute Flight From Las Vegas to Santa Monica
I’ll share the details of this offer, and explain how you can sign-up!

Free JetSmarter Membership
Link:   JetSmarter Promotion
JetSmarter is a company that allows you to book flights on private jets, and unsurprisingly, membership to the club is pricey!
But through July 1, 2017, JetSmarter is offering folks with frequent flyer elite status or those with 1+ million miles or credit card points, a free 3-month JetSmarter “Simple Membership.“
With a JetSmarter Simple membership, you get perks like a free seat on certain routes, a free seat on last minute flights, and more!
To take advantage of the deal, you need to:

Download the free JetSmarter app
Complete the in-app registration
Send proof, including your full name and phone number, that you meet the offer requirements to (for example, a screenshot of your mileage account balance or your elite status card)

JetSmarter Is Offering Frequent Flyers a Free Membership to Their Private Jet Booking Service!
The terms and conditions from the promotion’s page are vague, but a JetSmarter representative tweeted that the million miles must be from a single account or program.  So, for example, having 500,000 United Airlines miles and 500,000 American Airlines miles will NOT qualify you for the deal.
That said, it CAN be cumulative, if you can prove that you’ve earned 1 million+ miles or points over the life of your account.
Is It Worth It?
If you meet the promotion’s requirements, there’s no reason not to sign-up for the offer, because it only takes a few minutes.  And you might find the perfect opportunity to use JetSmarter’s service, like Million Mile Secrets team member Keith did on a recent trip to Vegas!
But this deal is likely best for business travelers or folks traveling solo, because you’ll only get ONE free seat at a time with a JetSmarter Simple Membership.  Which means if you’re traveling with friends or loved ones, you’ll have to pay another $1,000+ for an extra ticket.
Bottom Line
Through July 1, 2017, JetSmarter is offering folks with Elite status, or those with at least 1 million frequent flyer miles or credit card rewards points, a free 3-month “Simple Membership” to their private jet booking service.
A Simple Membership comes with perks like one free seat on select flights.  So if you travel a lot between cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, or certain European cities, this deal could be worth it!
Even if you don’t have any upcoming travel plans, it’s worth signing-up for the deal if you qualify.  Because you never know when an opportunity might present itself!
Do you plan on signing-up for a free JetSmarter membership?  Let me know in the comments!


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Deal Alert: East Coast to Europe From $245 Round-Trip

Want to see the latest flight deals as soon as they’re published? Follow The Points Guy on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to text message alerts from our deals feed, @tpg_alerts.
Airfare deals are typically only available on limited dates. We recommend you use Google Flights to find dates to fly, then book through an online travel agency, such as Orbitz or Expedia, which allows you to cancel flights without penalty by 11pm Eastern Time within one day of booking. However, if you’re using the American Express Platinum Card, you’ll need to book directly with the airline or through Amex Travel portal to get 5x MR points. Remember: Fares may disappear quickly, so book right away and take advantage of Orbitz or Expedia’s courtesy cancellation if you’re unable to get the time away from work or family.
If you’re looking for an end of summer or early fall vacation to Europe when the weather is a bit cooler and the crowds have mostly subsided, Norwegian’s got you covered. The low-cost carrier is currently offering transatlantic fares from several East Coast airports for as little as $245 round-trip, including taxes. The cheapest flights can be found between Providence (PVD) and Dublin (DUB), with availability from the end of August all the way through the end of the schedule in April 2018. For a little bit more, deals are also available from New York (JFK), Newburgh (SWF) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Copenhagen (CPH), Edinburgh (EDI) and Barcelona (BCN) from as early as July through the end of schedule.
As is often the case with Norwegian Air, the best deals are found by booking outbound and return flights on separate itineraries. Use Google Flights to find the dates that work with you, and then complete booking directly through the carrier.
Airlines: Norwegian
Cost: $245+ round-trip in economy
Dates: early July through April 2018
Booking Link: Orbitz or Expedia
Pay With: The Platinum Card from American Express (5x on airfare), Chase Sapphire Reserve, Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, Citi Prestige (3x on airfare) or Chase Sapphire Preferred (2x on travel)
Here are a few examples of what you can book:
Providence (PVD) to Dublin (DUB) for $245 round-trip in September:

Newburgh, NY (SWF) to Edinburgh (EDI) for $279 round-trip in September:

New York (JFK) to Copenhagen (CPH) for $361 round-trip in September:

Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Barcelona (BCN) for $387 round-trip in September:

Maximize Your Purchase
Don’t forget to use a credit card that earns additional points on airfare purchases, such as the American Express Platinum Card (5x on flights booked directly with airlines or American Express Travel), Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Premier Rewards Gold or Citi Prestige (3x on airfare) or the Chase Sapphire Preferred (2x on all travel purchases). Check out this post for more on maximizing airfare purchases.
If you’re able to score one of these tickets, please share the good news in the comments below!
Featured image of Copenhagen, Denmark courtesy of Getty Images.

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